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Scanswap is a teleradiology exchange platform open to all radiologists and practices in Australia. We leverage cloud technology to allow practices to use radiologists and other practices around Australia to flexibly and cost-effectively manage their workforce needs.  


Our no contract, as-needed model means that your practice can get radiology reporting work done by great Australian radiologists easily and inexpensively.


Short- or long-term, regular or intermittent, general or specialty, low or high volume -- Scanswap is the ultimate flexible radiology reporting solution.


It's FREE to join with absolutely no setup charges.  The pay-as-you-go model means that you don't pay for anything except radiology reports.



Scanswap is a secure and cost-effective way for radiology practices to:

  • manage staffing shortfalls
  • offer new services
  • increase their work volume
  • build profitable reciprocal relationships with other independent practices anywhere in Australia.


Here's how it works:


1. Sign up for a FREE user account

If you're a radiologist or practice manager, sign up as a user.  It only takes about 30 seconds.  Remember, it's free to become a user and use the site.


2. Explore the platform

Have a look around to understand how using Scanswap can improve your practice and increase revenue.  Learn how you can post jobs, search for work and exchange imaging with other practices.


3. Post a job when the need arises

Post a job based on your needs (dates, modality, subspecialty etc.).  You can even use Scanswap to offer subspecialty services your practice has never been able to offer before.  There is no cost or obligation in posting a job and the identity of your practice remains anonymous to other users.


4. Review applicants

Radiologists and practices with spare capacity from across Australia will apply to do your job.  Review them and learn about their training and skills.  


5. Choose a winner

Select the radiologist who will give you the work that best suits your needs.  You don't need to worry about the time and cost of hiring locum radiologists or corporate teleradiology anymore.


6. Quickly and securely exchange files and reports

Forget about slow, cumbersome VPNs and complicated software set-ups.  Use the Scanswap system to securely transmit images to your new radiologist at speeds faster than you've experienced before.  Receive completed reports back easily and intuitively.  The system is 100% secure, backed up and auditable.


5. Build reciprocal relationships

Over time, develop a group of radiologists or other practices with whom you exchange work to cover annual leave or with whom you swap subspecialty imaging with.  Let Scanswap becomes a source of revenue for your practice.  Work with practices around Australia without worrying about losing control of your referral base.


Free to join.  Saves you time and money.  Great reports done by the FRANZCR radiologist of your choice.  

What are you waiting for?


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