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'Leveraging technology to create an efficient radiology marketplace to save practices time and money.'



Scanswap’s mission is to use cloud-based tools to cost-effectively manage the workforce needs of radiology practices while maintaining the high quality of reporting demanded  by referrers.  


We believe that radiologists employed by community practices provide better work than locums or corporate teleradiology and we provide the tools to allow you to access these radiogists.


Scanswap’s goal is to bring new efficiency to radiology practices by leveraging cloud technology to give practices the power to offer all of the same services as their corporate competitors and to flexibly and cost-effectively manage their workforce needs.


We know that your practice sometimes has spare capacity, and our goal is to help you turn this into new work.


Scanswap is independent and always will be.  We are constantly working to ensure that the independent radiology practice continues to be a viable and profitable model now and in the future.

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