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Scanswap vs. The Other Guys

Our system is simply better than theirs.  The Scanswap model delivers better reports, cheaper and easier than the competition.  Take a look at how we stack up on the three parameters that are key to your practice:



The Locum - A good locum is hard to find (sometimes any locum is hard to find) and he needs to be booked well in advance.   It is particularly difficult to find a good locum willing to work for a short period of time.


Scanswap - We’re always up and running.  There are excellent FRANZCR radiologists employed at practices all around Australia ready to do your reporting work when you need them, for as little or as much time as you need them.



Corporate Teleradiology - Expect to spend some time reading and signing contracts.  ‘Big TR’ will want you to sign contracts relating to the maintenance of their software and volume minimums.  They will also want to send someone (expensive) to your practice to set up their software on your system.  The goal of having you expend all of this time and money up front is to lock you in with them long-term.


Scanswap - No complex software setups, volume minimums or long-term contracts.  We don’t want to lock you into anything.  



The Locum - Expect to pay about $3,000 per day plus a commission to the recruitment company. You’ll pay this regardless of how much reporting he does. You’ll probably also have to pay for travel and accommodation.  You might break even if he reads 150+ studies per day.


Scanswap - You don’t pay for anything except reports.  There are absolutely no other costs. Scanswap handles the technology, credentialing and payment system at no charge.  You make money regardless of the volume of work.



Corporate Teleradiology - What does their service cost?  There isn’t one price.  There is a price for their big hospital clients and another (higher) price for you.  The setup costs are of course in addition to their headline rate.


Scanswap - Because other practices around Australia are doing your reporting work, we don't have to maintain reporting rooms here and overseas.  That means our service is cheaper regardless of how much or little volume you need done.



The Locum - Some locum radiologists are excellent.  In other cases, it becomes evident once they’re in your practice why they don’t have regular employment. As a ‘gun for hire’ they’re paid their daily rate regardless of quality.


Scanswap - Your imaging is read by radiologists who are in practices like yours. Scanswap is a transparent marketplace so you choose who reads your imaging based on geography, subspecialty training and reputation.  The radiologist has to earn your work on an ongoing basis or you’re free to switch to a different radiologist at any time.  An open market drives quality.



Corporate teleradiology - Literally a black box.  A radiologist is sitting in a box in Sydney (or London or Bangalore) churning out reports for them.  This faceless radiologist has minimal incentive to give you great work because you can’t fire him and he is paid by Big TR to put out a huge volume of reports.


Scanswap - You choose the individual radiologist who will do your work.  Have a question?  Call him. Want him to do something differently?  Tell him or tell us.  Want to switch to a different radiologist?  No problem, do it anytime.



Scanswap is just a better option than locums and corporate teleradiology.  It's easier, less expensive and produces higher quality results.  Register today and start to profit from our technology.

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