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What is Scanswap?

Scanswap is a cloud-based platform that connects practices all around Australia in a peer-to-peer network.  These other practices are used to meet your radiology reporting needs on a flexible and cost-effective basis.  


Practices use Scanswap to manage staff absences, for subspecialty reporting, overflow and backlogs and various other scenarios unique to their business.


 Why should your practice use Scanswap?


     1) It’s cost-effective

  • Our peer-to-peer model means overhead is low and rates are highly competitive

  • It’s a pay-as-you-go model so you don’t pay a cent for anything but radiology reports

    • No contracts, setup charges or minimums


     2)  It’s flexible

  • Whether it’s 5 studies per week or 500

  • General or subspecialty

  • Regular, occasional or last-minute

  • No long-term commitment


    3) The reports are better

  • You choose who reads your scans -- if you’re not happy with them, choose someone else

  • The other practice has an incentive to provide you with great service

  • You know the radiologists doing your reporting are FRANZCR, insured and Australian-based
  • Because the other practice is not in your area, you don't have to worry about loss of your referral base



How are practices using Scanswap? (Practice names changed to protect privacy)


The City Practice

Precise Radiology is a four partner practice in Sydney.  Two of their radiologists take annual leave over the December break.  This used to mean a couple of months finding and verifying appropriate locums or sending their work to a corporate teleradiology firm.  Precise used Scanswap to get their reporting done by a practice in Brisbane.  Even better, Precise got some work from the Brisbane practice when one of their radiologists took leave during the Easter break.


The Country Practice

Imaging Excellence is a radiologist-owned practice with three partners in rural NSW.  They had difficulty in the past finding  locums to cover annual leave.  When they found a locum, the daily rate was exorbitant. This practice uses a practice in Melbourne to cover annual leave via the Scanswap platform.


The Radiographer-led Practice

Clear Radiology is a radiographer-owned practice in Brisbane.  They employ two radiologists.  This practice uses Scanswap to offer Cardiac CT and have the reporting done by a subspecialist in Sydney.


The Dental Practice

Smiles Radiology is a high-volume dental imaging group.  They use Scanswap to employ several radiology practices around Australia to read the dental x-rays and cone beam CT for a number of dental practices that they service.


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