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These are the answers to some common questions.  If you have a question that's not here, ask us on our Contact Us page.


1.  What is Scanswap?

 Scanswap is a medical imaging exchange platform.  It's a totally new way of doing teleradiology that creates a nationwide, flexible radiology marketplace.


It's a secure platform that connects independent radiologists and practices.  If a practice needs radiology reporting, they post a job. If a practice elsewhere in Australia has some spare reporting capacity, they can apply for the job.  The practice gets to choose their remote employee from amongst some of the best radiologists from all over Australia.


Scanswap saves practices from the headaches,costs and poor quality associated with locums and corporate teleradiology by providing a platform that puts the practice in control of its radiology reporting needs, connecting practices with radiologists.  


Practices pay only for what they use on a per-study basis.  Scanswap provides setup, software and support at no additional cost.


2. How is Scanswap different from what else is available?

Scanswap is a platform for the exchange of medical imaging reporting work between independent practices and radiologists located all around Australia.  It allows practices to find a great remote radiologist to meet short or long term radiology reporting needs.  The Scanswap platform allows radiology practices to determine for themselves to whom they send their work.  


Scanswap's powerful platform also allows practices to form mutually beneficial reciprocal relationships based on subspecialty or annual leave dates.  It allows smaller practices to offer the same range of services as their larger competitors by leveraging a national network of independent practices.


3. Is it secure?

Yes.  Scanswap uses best-in-class enterprise-grade file management software to handle imaging files and reports. 


4. Does my patient's data go overseas?

Never!  Every aspect of the Scanswap process is handled via secure Australian-based servers.  Unlike many teleradiology providers, no user or patient data ever leaves Australia. 


5. What hardware and software are required?

Your systems must be DICOM-compliant.  The interpreting practice creates completed reports.  Scanswap provides all of the required software for sending clinical requests, imaging and reports through our teleradiology system.  There is no cost to setup or maintain software.


6. Can I do casual reporting from home?

Scanswap is primarily designed as a practice-to-practice platform.  Consequently, the interpreting radiologist must have access to an image viewer and tools for creating reports.  


7. How do I know that the radiologist is licensed and insured?

All interpreting radiologists must be:

  • RANZCR fellows
  • Covered by indemnity insurance in Australia
  • Medically registered

Scanswap confirms the licensure status of interpreting radiologists using the platform.


8. How do I know the radiologist will be any good?

The beauty of the Scanswap platform is that it's a marketplace.  In conventional corporate teleradiology, your imaging is read by a faceless employee of a teleradiology company who has no real incentive to give you quality service.  Scanswap offers a quality-driven market where great radiologists compete for your work and want to develop an ongoing relationship with your practice.


9. Why not just use a locum radiologist?

 Locum radiologists are a necessity in some circumstances (such as if you need procedural work done).  The downside is that they are often difficult to find, time consuming to interview and credential and expensive to employ.  Scanswap allows you to use spare capacity at other practices just like yours to get interpreting work done efficiently and cost-effectively.  It's also easy to turn on and off as needed.


10. How do radiologists get paid?

Scanswap invoices the originating practice and forwards payment to the interpreting radiologist/practice.  This ensures that radiologists gets paid for the work that they do.


11. I'm a dentist/OMF surgeon, can I use Scanswap?

Yes.  Use Scanswap to find a great radiologist to read your imaging.  Scanswap will handle the technical aspects and make sure you get your reports.


12. How do I get my reports?

If both practices use HL7 compatible systems, we can push reports directly back into your RIS.  Otherwise, we will set up an easy to use, secure dropbox on your local workstation which will continually sync with new reports as they are completed.


13. How do I get started?

Scanswap was designed to make your life easier.  Sign-up for free and have a look around the site.  If you find yourself with a need for some radiology reporting just post a job and let the system take care of the rest.  


Once you've chosen your worker, Scanswap will set up a secure workspace for the easy exchange of imaging files and reports. We will handle all of the technical aspects of moving data between practices (at no cost to you). Just sit back and wait for your reports!


If you'd like some extra reporting work, use that same user account to apply to do work for other practices.

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