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Scanswap's efficient model means that more money stays with practices.

With Scanswap, keep more of your revenue and pay only for what you use.


We know that margins are being squeezed in the Australian radiology market.  Scanswap uses a decentralised, practice-to-practice model to offer a lean and efficient reporting service to practices.  Our busines model allows us to operate at low cost whilst maintaining our industry-best reporting standards.

  • Signing up as a user, browsing, posting work is FREE
  • There will never be any hidden or recurring costs
  • We will never charge you to setup or maintain any software


Remember that Scanswap is a collaborative platform between independent radiology practices so you can provide interpretation services to other practices when you have extra staff time.



We're confident that we can provide you with great reporting at a price that makes sense for your practice.

Contact us today on 1 300 81 80 50 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your practices' unique needs and find out why practices across Australia are using Scanswap to profit from our model.



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