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Use cases

Practices all over Australia are using Scanswap to balance their workload and generate more revenue.  By leveraging spare capacity at radiology practices around Australia, here are some of the ways Scanswap is making lives easier:

Coverage For Illness and Annual Leave

Australian radiologists take an average of 6.27 weeks per year of annual leave and 2.25 weeks of study/conference leave.  Radiologists who took other leave (sick leave, maternity leave etc.) average 9.53 weeks.  All of this leave currently represents a big, expensive headache for independent practices. Numerous practices use the Scanswap network to cover radiologist leave.

Offering New Services

Many independent practices have unused scanner time and would like to expand their menu of services but lack a radiologist able to do subspecialty reporting. Several of these practices are now using Scanswap to partner with subspecialty radiologists.

Radiographer-led Practices

We know these practices can find it challenging to  attract and retain good radiologists.  You also frequently have underutilised radiologist time.   Practices are using Scanswap to provide extra reporting capacity when needed and to increase the utilisation of their own radiologists when times are slower.

Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Practices

Dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and dental imaging groups are using Scanswap to find great radiologists to read their x-rays and cone beam CTs.  It’s cheaper and easier than contracting with a corporate teleradiology provider and we manage the technical aspects so you can focus on your patients.

Rural practices

Radiologists in rural areas and small groups take significantly less leave than radiologists in larger group practice and metropolitan areas. The absence of reliable, cost-effective coverage is a barrier to leave in this group.  It is very difficult (and expensive) to get good locums to travel into the country, especially for short periods of time.  Rural practices use Scanswap to cover their staff absences flexibly and cost-effectively.

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